• Companies for commercial use and residential contracting
  • Boston and Massachusetts registered companies owned by Black men and women
  • Established companies with a substantial contracting history
  • Verified black and minority business owners
  • call by dialing (617) 942-1301 for information

Excel compatible files

  $12.95   - African American and Black Women MBE database
Order to receive a list of approx 300 companies owned by black women business owners in Boston and Massachusetts. Verified by SDO, this group sells over $100 million in products and services to their customers each year.

digital products are sent to your email address

  $15.95   - African-American and Black male MBE contact list. Over 850 contacts.
Order to receive a list of approx 850 companies owned by black men business owners in Boston and Massachusetts. Minority suppliers, vendors and professionals who have delivered hundreds of millions in products and services via purchasing contracts verified by SDO.

Files are sent by email same day of payment

  $21.50   - Combined List of Boston and MA state registered MBE/WBE African American and Black business owners. In 2014 these African American and Black male and female owned business enterprises sold $147 million collectively as a prime, subcontractor or vendor supplier to Massachusetts government agencies who report. Their combined revenues was probably higher when sales to private sector opportunities factor in. We doubt these companies would be sustainable just on government sales.

Files are sent by email same day of payment

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New York City MBE business directory in Excel format

   $11.99 - New York City minority business directory

same day delivery to smartphone or computer

records include:

  • Business owner name
  • Company name
  • Race / Ethnicity
  • Street mailing address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • E-mail Address
  • Business service description
  • Business specialty

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